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Replacement 8.5" Original Salad Plates

  • Faith Salad Plate- Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17

    Wisdom Salad Plate- Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life. Proverbs 9:11

    Salvation Salad Plate- God so loved the world that He gave His only Son...John 3:16

    Praise Salad Plate- How great You are, O Sovereign Lord! II Samuel 7:22a

    Patriotic Salad Plate- Pray! Seek His face! Repent! II Chronicles 7:14

    Love Salad Plate- Walk in love, honoring on another as Christ love you. Ephesians 5:2

    God'a Promise Salad Plate- You are Abraham's heirs! Galatians 3:29

    Family & Children Salad Plate- Husbands and wives, yield in love, one to another, in reverence to Christ. Ephesians 5:21

    Psalms Salad Plate- The Lord is my refuge my place of safety, in Him I trust. Psalm 91:2

    Identity Salad Plate- I have the mind of Christ! I Corinthians 2:16; II Corinthinas 5:17; Romans 6

    Prosperity Salad Plate- My God will richly fill your every need in a glorious way through Christ Jesus! Philippians 4:19

    Health & Healing Salad Plate- Attend to God's Words. They produce life and healing for the whole body! Proverbs 4:20-22

    Hope Salad Plate- Resting in the hope, your confidence, /of eternal life promised before the world began. Titus 1:2

    Joy Salad Plate- The Lord is my refuge my place of safety, in Him I trust! Psalm 91:2

    Prayer Salad Plate- Ask in confidence according to His will;/ He hears you and gives you your petition! John 5:14-15



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